Crown Hair Transplant

Crown area or vertex area is seen at the extreme back of the scalp. When we consider the level of baldness, the crown area is affected by Grade 5- Grade 7 baldness. The Crown area baldness is normally seen on round or oval shape. For some people having Grade 3 or Grade 4 baldness, the hairs on crown area are seen thin without adequate thickness.

Taking note of their age and considering the level of hair fall, Medical treatment or PRP Treatment are normally suggested for them.

There are a few things to take care of before doing Crown Hair Transplant.

The age of the patient is an important part of it.  Then, it is the area of the baldness. Any medical treatment the patient underwent in the past also has to be verified. Another important part is the availability of Graft on the Donor area.

Crown Transplant is normally said to be the complex part of Hair Transplant. For some who have done crown HT, the density at Crown area is seen less compared to areas 2, 3 and 4. The reason is that the hair on Crown area staring from its centre point is seen like a whirlpool. So the density is comparatively less.  When we take a Grade 5 case of good Donor area, the max graft that can be taken is approximately 4000 only. Since the frontal area or area 2 is given more aesthetic importance, the transplant is done by lowering the density at the Crown area thereby improving the density of existing hair. At the same time when it comes to a Grade 6 case, there is a requirement for density at the Crown area. In that case, the Hair Transplant is done at other area first. The Crown Hair Transplant is done in the second sitting.

Though the hairs on the Crown area are in different patterns, doing a Crown Transplant could be possible for any HT Surgeon. However, doing a HT with good density on other parts of the scalp and a natural whirlpool kind of pattern on the crown area is an art in itself. Only an experienced surgeon can do this. Arranging the grafts taken in the right proportion and depth without damaging other grafts is to be done with great care. Normally, when doing the hairline reconstruction, multiple grafts are not used on hairline. In the same way, placing multiple grafts on the centre point of Crown is also important       (Doing HT with grafts of triple or more hairs). So, grafts of single or double hairs are used for implanting. Another important thing is the direction of hairs on the Crown area. The hairs have to be transplanted maintaining a whirlpool kind of pattern on 20 to 40 degree angle.

When we talk about the result of Crown HT, it takes more time to grow hairs on the Crown area compared to any other area on the scalp. That means when it takes 8 months to 1 year at other areas, it is 1 year to 1.5 years for the Crown area. All these depend purely on the availability and quality of grafts on the Donor area. One sitting can never cover Crown HT. Sometimes, more than one sitting would be required. In extreme cases, Hair Transplant can be completed in three sittings covering the Crown area too.

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