New year, new look, new confidence!

The cliché goes that an end is also the beginning of something new. And December totally encompasses this. It’s the end of a year and it also marks the start of a new year, and probably a new look too! A physical makeover is often an encouraging and exciting expression. If you have been contemplating to show a little extra love to yourself, then Hair O Craft can be the answer. Hair O Craft clinics are equipped with some of the best hair and skin procedures.

Different people have different body images, varying levels of confidence and different strengths and weaknesses. Choosing to take professional help to better your hair and skin health is something that needs to be normalized and not judged. The Hair O Craft team has successfully worked with thousands of clients and has given them amazing results using the various expert treatments. Fixing bald patches, getting moustache/beard fillers to hair transplant and building hair volume with PRP treatments, there are a host of safe and scientific processes that a person can choose.

This is also true of skin care and skin health. Whatever be your skin needs—skin brightening, eyebrow filling, zit & scar removals, laser hair removals and overall getting a glowing skin— Hair O Craft has a trusted team to handle it efficiently. As you begin a new year, decide to choose your happiness over others’ opinions. Let self-love be one of your biggest gifts to yourself this coming year.

Hair O Craft is also in an exciting phase with the team getting bigger and the Hair O Craft clinics getting more advanced and better equipped. Hair O Craft now offers cosmetic dental care and treatments too in some of its clinics. The aim is to constantly update and give our customers the most trusted, expert and advanced care. As the new year rolls in, let it be a year of happy, healthy hair and skin for all.

Consult, Discuss, Decide

Hair transplant made its entry into the Kerala market around two decades ago. It was a fairly new concept and there was a lot of misinformation about it too. As with everything new, it was viewed with skepticism and doubt. Is it safe? Is it hygienic? Is it worth the money? Will it have side effects? Also, there were these terms of hair fixing and hair transplant, which many didn’t know to differentiate. Today, years later, it’s a huge and successful mode of hair restoration in terms of the trust and credibility it has earned from people.

Hair O Craft was one of the first to open exclusive hair fixing and hair transplant clinics in Kerala, with the first being opened in Kochi. Today, we have a total of 20 clinics with expertise in hair and skin care treatments. Hair transplant and hair fixing has seen a lot of advancements since then. The best thing about Hair O Craft is that we always encourage clients to have a detailed consultation with our specialists where they can discuss all their doubts and concerns, ask all relevant questions and make a very informed choice.

GFCPRP, mesotherapy, collagen induction therapy, hair fixing and a host of other big and small procedures are offered at Hair O Craft clinics. Every Hair O Craft clinic is equipped with the most modern facilities in the most hygienic environment. Every expert is well trained and qualified. Meet our experts, discuss your concerns and also your budget limitations before taking a decision. At Hair O Craft, we firmly believe that your decision should be your choice.

Don’t fix what is not broken

Don’t fix what is not broken

The title might seem a little surprising. But we at Hair O Craft believe in transparency and open communication. Every client who walks into one of the many Hair O Craft clinics across India should feel a sense of ease, satisfaction, and comfort to ask our hair & skin professionals all the relevant questions. In today’s world of social media and make-believe reality, people are exposed to a lot of misinformation or wrong information. This can be damaging both for clients and for brands (in different spheres).

The idea of flawless beauty or perfection is still propagated and this can make people feel insecure in themselves and their body & skin. Yes, Hair O Craft offers treatments for hair and skin to make it look healthier and more appealing. But it is important that the decision is made for the right reasons and made with full awareness of the procedure, its preparations, its post-care, and the money. Any person who has been a client of Hair O Craft knows HOC (Best hair transplant in Kerala) has very elaborate consultation sessions wherein the client can share their requirements and the expert team will take them through all the options available and the necessary details. If we feel that a client does not need that corrective procedure, we share that opinion with the client too.

Our client testimonials and success stories testify that we keep it very transparent and straightforward. Everybody loves to look their best and have healthy hair and glowing skin. But do ensure that you do this for yourself and not because others make you feel inferior. Also, do not fall for unrealistic claims by brands. Always ask the relevant questions and make sure you get convincing answers.

Happiness is the best glow and we wish all our clients a happy and confident life. For any further queries, GFC treatment, details of PRP treatment cost, or consultations, do visit us or reach us @ 𝟗𝟏 𝟒𝟑 𝟒𝟑 𝟒𝟑 𝟎𝟎 to book an appointment.

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Meet the experts for all your “Hair Talks”

No two people are the same, be it in character, behavior or physical traits. Every individual is unique and their personality and appearances are unique—whatever age or gender they may be. Look around for 10 seconds and you will find many people with a variety of hair types, textures, lengths and styles. Like any other organ or body part, hair follicles also have its own life and history. Let’s do some Hair Talk.

Genetics, nutrition, geography, weather conditions, stress….it’s surprising how many factors play a role in the hair health of a person. Some of these factors can be corrected or altered or maybe even reversed. For instance, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, work stress and such aspects can, to a large extent, be corrected with timely intervention. It may require medical care and also lifestyle changes. But some factors like balding or hair thinning could be genetic or probably a medical condition and these can only be managed or in some cases, just accepted.

The sad truth is that often people associate their beauty and confidence to their physical appearances. And hair plays a big part too. So, an unhealthy hair condition, early graying or balding can all often make people worry or lose self-confidence. But the good news is that today, you have experts who can help you in addressing these issues and give your hair a makeover. But people may have questions about its safety, expense, side effects, etc. This is where our experts step in. At Hair O Craft, you can meet our hair experts for a detailed consultation and get answers to all your queries. They will study the client’s hair and scalp, understand their medical backgrounds, lifestyle and all other necessary details and then give a detailed consultation on all aspects.

Hair fixing, hair transplant and all the latest processes are available at all the Hair O Craft (best hair transplant in Bangalore) centres spread across India. Every centre is equipped with well-trained practitioners and most modern and hygienic facilities. To book a consultation please call to 91 43 43 43 00

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Frequently asked questions about Hair Transplant

Hair transplantat has gained more success over time than any other hair restoration method. Still, people have a lot of questions about hair transplant. From the cost to how long it will last, people wonder if they’ll be able to maintain their lifestyle while getting a hair restoration treatment done. Also, they are concerned about the things involved with this procedure. Let us take some time exploring these common questions that come up when thinking about having your hair transplanted.

1. Is Hair Transplant painful?

The surgery will not be entirely painless. The pain you will experience after the surgery is not too severe, and it should begin to subside in a few days. You might feel some discomfort for two-three days but that’s normal. The grafts have been in one spot for several years and your body will feel strange when they are transplanted somewhere else on your scalp. However, the discomfort is usually mild and should only last two or three days after the surgery before disappearing completely.

2. Is Hair Transplant permanent?

If you maintain your transplanted hair properly, it will be permanent. If you clean and take care of it the right way, then there is no chance that you will lose any part of it. However, if maintenance isn’t a high priority for you then maybe this new transplant won’t last very long in the end; so essentially it is all about how much effort you are willing to put in to maintain your scalp’s healthiness in addition to keeping up with proper cleaning methods.

3. Is there any non-surgical way to re-grow hair?

There is no non-surgical method to grow back your hair, but you can maintain it with PRP. To get a new head of hair, the only option is via transplant surgery. However, if the only method of growing new hair that interests you is non-surgical then we recommend wearing hair patches.

4. Is it safe to go for Hair Transplant if I have any medical condition?

Before we can proceed with the surgery, all patients must have a fitness certification from their current physicians. If they are diabetic or have low blood pressure history and/or conditions, it is not permitted for them to undergo this surgery until thay get go ahead from their physicians in this regard.

5. Why there is so much variation in the price of hair transplant clinics? Why do some clinics offer unlimited grafts while some don’t?

The first thing I would like to clarify is that there isn’t actually an unlimited supply of hair grafts, as some sources claim. Your donor area is limited and there are limits on how many units of hair we will be able to acquire for your transplant based on the current resource availability in the donor area. Your max donation amount would typically fall somewhere between 5000 – 6000, while harvesting an average of 3000 – 4000 grafts.

The cost of getting a hair transplant depends on many factors. There are several questions to consider like: what is your doctor’s experience? How professional and clean is their clinic environment? Who will actually be doing surgery for you – just another member in training or an experienced surgeon with years of practice under his belt.

Your doctor should be well-versed with the extraction of grafts, the safest mode of extraction and what to do after extraction so that your donor area looks normal.

I have heard that technicians are performing hair transplant surgeries at many of the clinics, not the Doctors

In Hair O Craft we have a protocol that only the doctors are supposed to do surgery. The doctor extracts grafts and implants them. At Hair O Craft, we are too particular about how our display system works: If you are my patient and I have committed to providing 2000 grafts, then that is exactly what I will show you.

6. Does the hair in the donor area grow back after it has been extracted for transplant?

We get this question a lot, and many people have been confused by it. Many patients believe that the hair in your donor area will regrow even after your transplant is done; however, this is false information.

Hair grafts removed from the donor area will never grow back. It is removed with roots intact, and those roots are placed in areas that you don’t have hair. So, the part of the donor area where hair is taken from will not grow back any new hairs.

But the order in which hair extraction is done makes a difference because the remaining donor area will have enough hairs to cover it and you won’t get any patches.

7. Will I get full coverage from Hair Transplant?

Full coverage depends on many factors. The first important factor is what grade of baldness you are in. For a person with grade 3 and 4 boldness, there is a possibility for full coverage. Patients with higher grades like 6 and 7 often don’t have any hair on their heads. This makes it impossible to do full coverage for them, unfortunately.

For patients with higher grades like grades 6 and 7 who don’t have any hair on the head, it is impossible to do full coverage for them. Another important factor is in preserving your existing hair. If you have 3, 4 or 5 cases of baldness and a significant amount of hair on the scalp, preserving this with transplantation will allow for full coverage.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?



“How much will it cost?” This is the most frequently asked question by every bald person when they think about hair transplantation.
There are several factors which determine the cost of hair transplant. There are several factors which determine the cost of hair transplant.


1.Nature of scalp and extent of baldness: This factor in turn decides the number of grafts and number of sessions required.

2. Number and quality of grafts: Quality of grafts & density of hair decides how many grafts can be extracted safely from the donor area (Safe means without giving a patch in the donor area). No of follicular units in each bunch of grafts is also important (i.e. single, double hair, etc

3. Technique of Hair Transplantation used: Though there are two methods (FUE & FUT) FUE is the advanced method which is being opted mostly. In FUE there are different techniques of implantation of the extracted grafts. It ranges from simple needle, more advanced implanter pens and even robotic hair transplants (not common). So with every advancement in technology, the price also varies.

4. The skill expertise of operating surgeon: The hair transplant procedure needs to be performed by extreme precision and by following artistic sense. A natural hairline which can be designed precisely by an experi- enced hair transplant surgeon.

4. The facilities available in the center and their brand value is also a factor which affects the cost of hair transplant . On an average if you need to get a hair transplant done in a good center with an experienced surgeon and quality care, it may cost you rupees 35 thousand to 1.5 lakh depending upon the number of grafts needed in each case.




You may be a person looking for a solution to your hair loss or baldness and exploring the ways to find a solution and will later on find that hair transplant is the best solution because it is permanent and grows hair naturally without any side effects.

Don’t just look for the best price without looking at the standards of the clinic & here are the points you should check for finding out the best clinic:

  1. Experienced Doctors: The procedure should be carried out only by the experienced doctors who are specialized in the field of hair transplantation. Many clinics carry out the procedures without doctors and they simply claim to be doctors without any medical background, they put risk at people’s lives by performing hair transplants.
  2. Qualified Technicians & Staff: Qualified and experienced medical staff is vital for the successful procedure of the hair transplant. Doctor plays the major role in the outcome of surgery but members in the medical team provides enough support to the doctor and patient in carrying out the procedure.
  3. Modern Techniques: The procedure must be performed in a hospital like environment equipped with utilizing high quality and modern medical technologies according to the medical advancements taking place around the world.
  4. Reviews: Simply showing the before & after pictures is not enough to prove that the clinic is of quality one. See the reviews and rating put by the customers.
  5. Counselling: The clinic should provide necessary counselling services to the patients prior to the operation, also provide information regarding all the medical and administrative procedures to be carried out as well as the treatments that will be applied.
  6. Verify Grafts: Make sure that the clinic has the facility to count the grafts after the hair transplant and to make sure that the grafts count matches with the promised one.
  7. Confidential: A high quality clinic will preserve the safety of the personal data and medical records.
  8. Transparency & Trust: During the physical examination the patient’s medical history and the possible allergic condition prior to the hair transplantation are assessed. If the patient carries any risk that prevents him from carrying out the procedure, the doctor has to impart such information and a good clinic will give importance to human health above all else.
  9. Support & After Care: After the hair transplant, a good hair transplant clinic will review the progress of patients on a regular basis and will make sure that the necessary support is provided, if needed. This will establish a long lasting relationship between the clinic and the patients.
  10. Cost: And finally, the Cost – Most people who look for hair transplant just compare the cost and nothing else. Our head is precious and don’t let anyone simply play with it. Quality always comes with a better price tag.

It’s always recommended to visit the clinic and make sure that the clinic meet all the quality standards before finalizing the clinic for hair transplant.

At Hair O Craft, we always make sure to follow all the quality standards!


Hair transplantation can be performed on any person with pattern hair loss, good donor area, good general health and reasonable expectations.

The factors that affect case selection are as follows:

1) Age: Patients between the age of 18 and 75 can do FUE. Young patients whose early alopecia is still evolving should not be taken up for hair transplantation. This is mainly because he will be in the process of losing the hairs and if after implantation he loses his existing hairs it will give him a weird look. So it will be best suited to patients in the age group 23 –55 years.

2) Sex: Both females and males can do FUE , but as the males have more localization of 5 alpha reductase activity for hormone Dihydro–testosterone, males will have a better result than females.

3) Grade: According to Norwood –Hamilton scale for classification of Androgenetic Alopecia, persons from Grade 2 to Grade 5 can undergo FUE. If the patient belongs to grade 6 and 7, usually the donor area density is very low and the existing donor hair resource will not be sufficient to cover the entire bald zone. Hair transplant can be done in area 2, 3 and 4 which will improve your looks considerably.

4) In clinical conditions that forms scarring on the scalp skin like Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE), Lichen planus, Folliculitis decalvans, in extreme burns etc. due to formation of fibrous tissue, hair transplantation is not possible.

5) In patients having Alopecia Areata hair transplantation is not the right method to treat baldness.

6)Patients with significant systemic health problems:

Those patient who are having blood pressure above 140/90 mm of Hg should not be taken for Hair Transplant until his / her BP reduces to normal range. Blood sugar should be below 130 mg/dl. If the patient is under medication for the above condition Hair Transplant can be done only with a physical fitness certificate from a MD Physician. The patient’s CT, BT, PT, INR etc, should be in normal range. If patient is having any bleeding disorders, doing hair transplantation is not advisable.