Meet the experts for all your “Hair Talks”

No two people are the same, be it in character, behavior or physical traits. Every individual is unique and their personality and appearances are unique—whatever age or gender they may be. Look around for 10 seconds and you will find many people with a variety of hair types, textures, lengths and styles. Like any other organ or body part, hair follicles also have its own life and history. Let’s do some Hair Talk.

Genetics, nutrition, geography, weather conditions, stress….it’s surprising how many factors play a role in the hair health of a person. Some of these factors can be corrected or altered or maybe even reversed. For instance, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, work stress and such aspects can, to a large extent, be corrected with timely intervention. It may require medical care and also lifestyle changes. But some factors like balding or hair thinning could be genetic or probably a medical condition and these can only be managed or in some cases, just accepted.

The sad truth is that often people associate their beauty and confidence to their physical appearances. And hair plays a big part too. So, an unhealthy hair condition, early graying or balding can all often make people worry or lose self-confidence. But the good news is that today, you have experts who can help you in addressing these issues and give your hair a makeover. But people may have questions about its safety, expense, side effects, etc. This is where our experts step in. At Hair O Craft, you can meet our hair experts for a detailed consultation and get answers to all your queries. They will study the client’s hair and scalp, understand their medical backgrounds, lifestyle and all other necessary details and then give a detailed consultation on all aspects.

Hair fixing, hair transplant and all the latest processes are available at all the Hair O Craft (best hair transplant in Bangalore) centres spread across India. Every centre is equipped with well-trained practitioners and most modern and hygienic facilities. To book a consultation please call to 91 43 43 43 00

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