What is GFC Therapy ?

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) is a much non-surgical, revolutionary therapy that utilizes a person’s own growth factors that are found in their body, to rejuvenate their skin and hair!
This therapy Collects the patient’s blood and separates growth factors from it, resulting in a Growth Factor Concentrate. This growth Factor Concentrate is injected right into the hair root. This treatment can be done as a standalone treatment, add-on treatment or to improve recovery and result of hair transplant surgery.
What is the procedure for GFC ?
About 15 ml of blood is collected in GFC Tube. The contents are gently mixed by tilting and kept for 30 minutes. GFC is separated by centrifugation. The separated GFC is collected and injected into the scalp using special micro needles.
Who Should Opt for GFC ?
Any person with hair fall or in their early stage of baldness is fit for GFC therapy. It can be also complemented with Hair Transplantation in the later stages of baldness. GFC Therapy is equally effective in both males and females.
What are the benefits of GFC Therapy ?
- Next-Generation Therapy
- Efficacy: No Platelet Loss, high concentration of growth factor, naturally degenerates damaged tissue
- Safety: Completely safe, prepared from the patient’s own blood, contamination-free
- Quality: Zero RBCs and WBCs
- Convenience: Lunchtime procedure, Easy and rapid preparation process
- Stability: 8 hours at room temperature, 7 days at -4 ℃

What are the benefits of GFC Therapy over PRP Therapy ?

In GFC Therapy due to the high concentration of growth factors derived from platelet activation, there is optimum result in less time whereas in PRP the results are variable and take a longer time.

There is very little chance of pain and inflammation in GFC as they contain no RBCs and WBCs.

PRP has to be used immediately after preparation, but GFC is stable for a few hours to days depending on the temperature.

PRP needs a greater number of sessions to get the desired result while GFC requires a smaller number of sessions.

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