GFC: Quick & safe way to healthy hair

Lifestyle, stress, genetics, health…a lot of factors play a part in issues like hair thinning, hair fall, early baldness and so on. Today, there are many options to address this and make changes, if you want to. Hair fixing & hair transplant have become common terms and common procedures. There are also other procedures that are more targeted to specific problem areas. GFC or Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy is one such successfully and popularly used procedure.

What is GFC Therapy
It is a process wherein growth factors from a person’s own body are used to rejuvenate their hair and also skin. It is mostly a non-invasive procedure. It works on the foundation that every human body has cells or growth factors that can be used to treat some conditions. In simple terms, blood is collected from a patient and the growth factor is separated from it, which is the Growth Factor Concentrate, and is injected to the hair root. This gradually aids in better hair growth and stronger hair.

GFC can be used as a standalone treatment, mostly in cases where the hair thinning is in very early stages and not very extreme. However, for more elaborate treatment, GFC can be used as an add-on treatment to better the recovery & result of hair transplant surgery.

Why GFC?
Some of the main things that most patients want are most modern procedures with high efficiency and low maintenance. GFC treatment is an ideal option that fits in all these aspects. It is a new-age therapy with a high degree of success. The best part is that a patient can walk in during their lunch break, get this done and walk out happily. Most importantly, as the blood used is taken from the patient’s body itself, it is very safe.

Technically there are some differences in GFC and PRP and in the manner in which the procedures are conducted. But as a customer, the primary difference is that GFC shows results more quickly while PRP sessions take time. This is mainly because GFC therapy yields a higher concentration of growth factor.

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