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Cosmetic procedures-be it hair or skin or even dental -are often viewed with a certain hesitation and even fear. The team at Hair O Craft understands this and is always eager to have detailed conversations with the clients, explaining the procedures, the pre care, the post care, side effects and so on. How many of you have heard about PRP treatment? PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-surgical procedure to stimulate hair growth. Sounds simple! And yes, safe too.

To break down the procedure, here’s what it is in a nutshell. It is the process of using healthy platelets from a person’s blood and injecting it to the scalp to give added nourishment that will aid hair growth. Now that might trigger a little anxiety in some. But it’s a very simple process that is carefully carried out by a doctor or professional. Once the preliminary consultation is done,  blood is drawn from the patient. This blood is then treated to filter out and gather the enriched cells or platelets. This PRP or highly concentrated platelet rich plasma contains essential growth proteins. This is injected into the scalp and this can aid hair growth.

While this treatment can be done by itself, it is mostly done in combination with other hair treatments like hair transplant. It is ideal for people who have started experiencing hair thinning or hair fall. This can be done by all genders. People need to be aware of the fact that PRP is not a process that guarantees results unlike hair transplant or fixing. Over time patients do respond to PRPand often there is visible improvement in hair growth. But this can vary from person to person.

One crucial aspect is that people who have compromised platelets should not undergo this treatment. This includes people with chronic liver or skin infections, cancer, drug abuse and so on. Hence it is important that a patient shares their complete medical and lifestyle history with the professionals. At all our HOC centres, we ensure that there is a long, detailed study of the client’s medical history, lifestyle habits and so on. Today, Hair O Craft has a presence across many cities and so if you need to know more about PRP, GFC treatment and PRP treatment cost kindly visit your nearest Hair O Craft outlet or call us at 𝟗𝟏 𝟒𝟑 𝟒𝟑 𝟒𝟑 𝟎𝟎.

PRP Treatment after Hair Transplant

Men & women who are thinking of doing Hair Transplant need to understand what is PRP Treatment, what is its purpose, does it really contribute to better healing and hair growth after transplant surgery etc.

What is PRP and why is it recommended after Hair Transplant?

PRP can be defined as a concentrated blood plasma containing substances like leukocytes, platelets, cytokines and growth factors. It is considered to be an innovative treatment for some types of hair loss. It strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. Therefore, PRP treatment is recommended after a Hair Transplant.

PRP treatment uses the rich plasma extracted from the person’s own blood by enriching it. For this, blood is first taken from the person using special PRP tubes and this blood is centrifuged. This divides the blood into a red, white & yellow part. The bottom red part is RBC. The middle white part is called Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) which contains platelets and growth factors. And the top yellow part is Platelets Poor Plasma (PPP).

There are two types of Centrifugation. One is normal or single Centrifugation and the other is double Centrifugation. In single Centrifugation, Rich Plasma & Platelets are extracted in mixed form. Whereas in double Centrifugation, Platelets Poor Plasma (PPP) and Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) are extracted separately.

The tissue grows faster and the hair follicles are nourished with the substances contained in the rich plasma. This is how the hair follicles are supported after the hair transplant. PRP treatment increases the success rate of Hair Transplant.

Advantages of doing PRP after Hair Transplant

  1. It improves tissue repair and the healing process after Hair Transplant. One activity that promotes tissue repair and healing after surgery is the release of platelet-derived growth factors. Single growth factors such as PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor) have been used by surgeons to promote wound healing in surgical patients in hospitals.
  2. It also strengthens inactive hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth. , PRP increases hair growth after Hair Transplant. But platelet-derived growth factors can also trigger inactive hair follicles and produce new hair.

How many PRP sessions are needed?

PRP Treatment is very effective for hair growth after doing the Hair Transplant. The no of PRP sessions needed will largely depend on the individual’s personal traits and a few factors such as overall physical & mental health, the extent of hair loss, etc. normally, 4-6 sessions are needed. It depends up on the quantity of blood taken for extracting the rich plasma. If it is 30-40 ml blood, 4 sessions are enough for doing the PRP treatment. 6 sessions are needed if the blood taken is 10-15 ml.

PRP is an innovative and advanced treatment that can increase the success of Hair Transplant. With this, not only the newly transplanted grafts but also the condition of your existing hair will also be positively affected. Your weak hair will become fuller and stronger too.


PRP Treatment is an important procedure when you go for Hair Transplant. It strengthens and increases the hair growth. For PRP treatment to be successful, it should be performed in a high quality clinic.

PRFM – An Advanced Method of PRP


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step procedure in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, PRP is separated and then injected into his own scalp.

PRP injections trigger natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and it increases the thickness of the hair shaft.

As PRP therapy involves injecting plasma from your own blood into your scalp, you are not at risk for getting a communicable disease. These quick and affordable injections take just a few minutes, and can be done even on your lunch break, and do not require any downtime.


PRFM (Platelet rich fibrin matrix) is derived from PRP by adding activators that promote clotting.

Like PRP, PRFM also contains various growth factors which have recently been used during follicular unit transplantation to increase hair density and to stimulate follicular unit growth.

In PRFM, the platelets are trapped inside fibrin network so it will not be washed away by the body easily. Hence their shelf life increases and there will be a slow and sustained release of growth factors from platelets. In overall efficacy, PRFM is better than PRP.


About 10ml of blood is drawn from a patient in two sterile vacutainer tubes and then the tubes are placed in a centrifuge machine for 10 minutes at 1500 rpm. After centrifugation, three layers are obtained; yellow-co- loured acellular plasma in the upper layer, red-coloured red blood cells (RBCs) in the lower layer, and PDGF(Platelet derived growth factor) in the middle layer. The middle layer along with an activator is used for making PRFM. It can be used directly in the affected area just like PRP injections.

As a result of PRP/PRFM injections, hair shedding reduces, followed by early regrowth. It eventually benefits by increasing length of hair

Dermapen Vs Dermaroll for PRP Treatment

Dermapen or Dermaroll? Which one is best for PRP Treatment?

To find the answer let’s go through the difference between Dermapen & Dermaroll.

Dermapen Vs Dermaroll

  • Dermapen is a much more advanced and effective treatment method for PRP.
  • Dermapen’s vertical needle penetrates all skin types, textures & pigments without the risk of bending, breaking, bleeding or causing epidermal damage. As Dermaroll’s penetration is not direct vertical, chances of bleeding and damage cannot be ignored.
  • An automatic micro-needling function increases Dermapen’s effectiveness when compared to Dermaroll, where the needling is manual.
  • Automated Direct Needling in Dermapen causes less epidermis damage, minimizes pain and discomfort when compared to Dermaroll.
  • Dermapen provides safer & consistent treatment that better rejuvenates the hair and skin.
  • Dermapen reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dermapen improves stretch marks and minimizes pore size.

Hair O Craft is always committed to provide new technology to our customers for better results.

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Hair O Craft Introduces New Technology in PRP Treatment with Micro Pipette & Dermapen.

Benefits of platelets separation using automatic Micro Pipette.

An automated pipetting system is generally a device which performs programmed transfers of liquid between preselected groups of containers.


The benefits include:

  • Takes only the required platelets thereby increasing the productivity
  • Helps to complete the procedure faster
  • Reduced human error leads to better results

Advantages of Derma Pen

Derma Pen is a much more advanced and effective treatment method for PRP.


The benefits include:

  • An automatic microneedling function increases Dermapen’s effectiveness.
  • Cause less epidermis damage, Minimises pain and discomfort
  • Vertical needle penetrates all skin types, textures & pigments without the risk of bending, breaking, bleeding or causing epidermal damage.
  • Safer & Consistent treatment that better rejuvenates the hair and skin.

Both these new technologies helps to attain better results in PRP Treatment.

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