How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?



“How much will it cost?” This is the most frequently asked question by every bald person when they think about hair transplantation.
There are several factors which determine the cost of hair transplant. There are several factors which determine the cost of hair transplant.


1.Nature of scalp and extent of baldness: This factor in turn decides the number of grafts and number of sessions required.

2. Number and quality of grafts: Quality of grafts & density of hair decides how many grafts can be extracted safely from the donor area (Safe means without giving a patch in the donor area). No of follicular units in each bunch of grafts is also important (i.e. single, double hair, etc

3. Technique of Hair Transplantation used: Though there are two methods (FUE & FUT) FUE is the advanced method which is being opted mostly. In FUE there are different techniques of implantation of the extracted grafts. It ranges from simple needle, more advanced implanter pens and even robotic hair transplants (not common). So with every advancement in technology, the price also varies.

4. The skill expertise of operating surgeon: The hair transplant procedure needs to be performed by extreme precision and by following artistic sense. A natural hairline which can be designed precisely by an experi- enced hair transplant surgeon.

4. The facilities available in the center and their brand value is also a factor which affects the cost of hair transplant . On an average if you need to get a hair transplant done in a good center with an experienced surgeon and quality care, it may cost you rupees 35 thousand to 1.5 lakh depending upon the number of grafts needed in each case.



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