Hair Transplant for Grade 6 & 7

The picture given above shows grade 6 & 7 baldness cases. Normally, we might think if Hair Transplant for these cases is possible. Here, the possibility of doing Hair Transplant is purely dependent on the no of grafts available that can be extracted from their donor area.

Donor area

Generally, there are some principles when considering Hair Transplant for Grade 6 & 7. We can have a look at it.

Mainly, it is about how the grafts are distributed. Then, it is about how we can create a natural look in the frontal area. An experienced Surgeon will have a calculation of what to do when he sees these cases. Hair Transplant basically is a procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and are implanted on the bald area.  So, when we take a grade 7 case, the area that is getting bald will be about 75 % of the scalp. The donor area holds the rest 25 %. It is called Androgen Resistant Hair.

75%                                                                             25 %

So, it needs necessary to cover this 75 % area with the grafts taken from the 25 % donor area. Still, we cannot fully use 25 % hair to implant in the frontal area.  Even though the hairs are seen overlapped on the donor area, we cannot take more hairs from there since it is visible. Because of this, it won`t be possible to cover the area with the 25 % hair exclusively from the scalp using the FUE method.  So, what we are doing is giving the good density in the frontal area and giving the maximum coverage to the back.

Even, we can use beard hair for giving the coverage. When we do this, care should be taken to mix beard hair and scalp hair. It will be visible if the beard hair is implanted independently. So, we have to implant the hair after mixing the beard hair and scalp hair. Normally, we don`t implant more beard hair onto the front. Because, it will give an unnatural look. The beard hair texture and scalp hair texture will be seen differently. So, we mix these before implanting it. So, when we do hair transplant for grade 6 & 7, it is ideal to give density in the frontal area and giving the maximum coverage to the back.

We can give good result by doing this. In addition, we can plan a second sitting after 4 or 6 months either to improve the density in the frontal area or giving a good coverage to the back. But, everything will depend on the quality of the grafts.

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