Are you looking for 2nd session of Hair Transplantation?

One of the most common questions that hair transplant surgeons face is whether a single session of hair transplant will be enough to give the desired coverage and result. In most of the cases, only one session is required, but some patients could benefit from a second session to improve density, and the overall look. Here, we are considering this aspect in detail.

Who should go for a 2nd session of Hair Transplant?

Generally a second session of Hair Transplant is indicated in those patients who have appreciable results and need further coverage or density or who need aesthetic correction of the improper or unnatural hairline made during a previous session. A person with a failed result can also go for a second session after carefully analysing his condition provided he still has good donor.

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How would you select a patient for a 2nd session?

The most important criteria for selection of the case whether it be a first or second session is as always the presence of a sufficient preserved donor. Patients with realistic expectations with the limited number of grafts that may be available in a 2nd session can be considered as an ideal scenario in this case. It should also be noted that cases without patch marks/voids from the previous session should be carefully selected for the next session. The results of the first session also play a major role in determining whether the patient may be taken up for the 2nd session. Do not forget that the number of grafts that will be preserved is more important than what can be extracted in a 2nd session. So follow you doctor for the best suggestions that will be most appropriate to you.


How should you choose your doctor for the 2nd session?

By now you may have understood that 2nd sessions are far more difficult than your first sessions. So you should choose a doctor who is experienced in rendering the satisfied results in a similar case. The doctor should have adequate skill and expertise to preserve your donor area without any patches and evenly utilize the donor so that there will never be an asymmetrical growth of hairs in the donor area and it will appear aesthetically fine. He should also be competent enough to utilize the limited number of grafts so as to ensure the desired density, coverage and the aesthetics. The team of doctors at Hair O Craft are well trained in all these aspects.


What result can you expect after the 2nd session?

Generally all the patients who are going for a second session will always be worried about their result depending on their past experience. But all these can be clarified during their consultation. You should keep in mind that there are several factors that can give you a good result like selection of donor, quality of instruments used, handling of grafts, proper depth and angulation of the graft placement, response of your body to the transplanted grafts etc. which an experienced doctor can explain you. So it is very important that you consult your doctor before you make the choice.


Why to choose Hair O Craft for a 2nd session?

Experience of more than 10 years in hair transplantation with more than 7 centres across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka makes Hair O Craft the pioneers in this field. Many patients with unsatisfied or moderate results from their first sessions from elsewhere have regained their confidence after getting their second session done from Hair O Craft.

The 2nd session is very crucial as it is the last chance for a patient to meet his expectations with regard to his hair transplant and after this there is little or no scope to get good grafts from the donor. So it should always be done by safe and experienced hands. By combining the expertise of the most experience doctors with a careful monitoring system we ensure that each of our patientsis in safe hands.

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