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Dealing with dandruff problems?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition and it may not get cured even after applying shampoo to the scalp. Proper diagnosis and treatment by our expert dermatologists helps to completely cure the bad dandruff.

Symptoms of dandruff

Appearance of white flakes on the hair & scalp.

Dryness of scalp & flakes look oily.

Red pimples or spots on the forehead.

Continuous bothersome feeling on the scalp.

Our 4 step treatment



Expert Dermatologist will diagnose the scalp & hair using a strip.


Remove the dandruff causing microbes and cleanse the scalp.


Give nourishment to itchy and dry scalp & smoothen the dandruff prone hair.


Reinforce the scalp to bring dandruff free scalp & hair.


What causes dandruff?

The main causes of dandruff includes dry skin, oily skin, overgrowth of yeast like fungus, not shampooing hair, sensitivity of hair products etc.

Can dandruff be cured permanently?

Dandruff can be cured completely with the guidance & treatment of our expert dermatologists

Can dandruff be caused by stress?

Stress weakens the body's natural defenses, hence it will be difficult for your body to deal with the presence of Malassezia globosa and scalp irritation. Dandruff symptoms become more of a problem when you are under stress.

Can poor hygiene leads to dandruff?

Dandruff is not caused by poor hygiene or lack of washing the hair but by an abundance of oil that becomes infected with a yeast called malassezia.

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