1. Consultation

Starts with a consultation with our doctor who will explain the process and clear your doubts. This usually happens on your first visit.

2. Trimming hair & Marking hairline

You and your physician will then finalize the details of your procedure goals, using a pen to indicate the treatment areas, hairline location and shape. Hairline marking is done and your hair is trimmed to level 1.

3. Anaesthesia

You are given local anaesthesia to numb the donor area and so as to ensure that you are completely comfortable during the removal of the donor hair.

4. Extraction

The operating doctor starts extracting the grafts one by one from your donor area.

5. Implantation

After giving local anaesthesia to the recipient area the doctor starts implanting the grafts in your bald area.

6. Post procedure briefing

The doctors or the nurse informs you about medicines to be taken and how to take care of your scalp for the next few days.

7. Clot removal

10–12 days after procedure, the nurse gently cleans the transplanted area to remove the blood clots.